Hello World

Hello World

I found Hashnode some years ago. I've read a lot of articles here, and now it's my time to start blogging 💪

My name is Paolo Ráez. I was born in Úbeda, a wonderful city located in the south a Spain. I studied Telecommunications engineering (known as Electric and Electronic engineering in some countries) in Granada, also located in the south of Spain.

After that period, I studied:

  • Masters in Telecommunications

  • Master in Videogames Development

  • MBA

Regarding my professional experience, I started working at Celtiberian Solutions back in 2015. In there, I joined their client Appfluence, and I've been developing their main product Priority Matrix for all these years.

I love math, physics, tech, coding and rock n'roll. I'll try to bring you some articles to this blog to share interesting things about this topics with you.

See you soon, and Hello World!